Construction bonding is the strong point of our firm and the service for which we are best known.

Our objective is to provide clients with flawless bond document service (ie: preparing bonds accurately and getting them into clients’ hands promptly, and doing this consistently time and time again), in conjunction with expertly managing the overall bond facility to ensure it meets with the needs of the contractor’s business on an ongoing basis, and the terms are the most competitive available in the marketplace.To achieve this, we have developed an industry-leading team of highly experienced, respected bonding industry professionals who have dedicated their entire careers to construction bonding. Our bond team, many of which are former senior level bond underwriters, ‘speak the language’ of the bonding company and possess an expert understanding of the bond underwriting process.

We possess a large, quality book of construction bonding business distributed amongst all of the major bonding companies, allowing for strong, influential relationships with the underwriting decision makers, and providing good options for contractors to choose from.

We prequalify and evaluate potential clients, and are selective in the new clients we take on. As a result, our clients tend to of a higher caliber, and the quality of our overall book of business is generally recognized as being better than average, which further enhances our credibility with bonding markets.

These strengths all translate into superior overall bonding service, advice and terms for our valued bond clients.


  • Same Day Bond Issuance
  • Web Based Bond Ordering System
  • In-house bond approval authority and power-of-attorney privileges with all the major bonding companies allowing for same day turnaround of bond requests
  • Bond facility management and bonding company negotiation focused on ensuring superior terms are in place on an ongoing basis
  • Contract Analysis and Bond Form Review
  • Creative solutions as they relate to bonding capacity/limits, rates, security, financial reporting, large/special projects, growth, succession planning, joint ventures, P3’s, subtrade bonding, construction claims/disputes, and bond claims
  • Ongoing consultative and advisory services on bonding and general business matters

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3352162Insuring contractors properly and cost effectively is not a skill a generalist insurance brokerage exhibits, because an intimate knowledge of construction insurance can only be developed over time, by professionals immersed daily in the world of contractors.

Given our exclusive and only focus on the construction industry, we offer an industry leading knowledge of the construction insurance business, combined with an entrepreneurial and customer sensitive spirit that provides a high value proposition to our clients.Reasons our clients cite for having PWA as their insurance advisor and broker:

  1. Since we insure over 200 contractors of every discipline and size, our ability to benchmark rates provides us with a significant advantage. Knowledge is power, and we utilize this significant data base to ensure the contractor is availed to competitive rates all the time, not only at renewal, but for every project specific insurance requirement that comes up in the course if the year.
  2. We know standard construction contract insurance specifications ‘like the back of our hand’. Whether a CCDC, OPSS, IO, or PWGSC contract, PWA hits the ground running and can focus on the SCGs to ensure an expeditious response, and full contractual compliance.
  3. We see both unusual and inappropriate insurance requirements daily, and have developed an ability to cut through the chaos and get it done properly, and cost-effectively.
  1. Unlike some of our more bureaucratic competitors whose ‘by the book’ approach stifles creativity and pragmatic solutions, PWA’ hands-on, entrepreneurial character enables us to bring creative and cost sensitive solutions to every circumstance.
  2. Unlike generalist brokers, PWA’s experience, knowledge, and ‘street-smart’ approach to handling day to day needs is seamless, painless and cost-effective at the same time.  We are not learning on your dime.
  3. Due to our history as surety bond consultants, where a contractor’s relationship with their surety is long term and less commodified, our insurance approach tends to be much more constructive and engaging than most brokers. As a result, our clients tend to have longer connections with their insurers and as a result, their premiums less effected by spikes and swings in the insurance markets.


  • Builders Risk / Boiler and Machinery
  • Commercial General Liability without the holes common to such policies for contractors
  • Wrap Up Liability
  • Pollution Liability / Environmental impairment insurances
  • Contractors equipment floaters
  • Design Build / Errors and Omissions insurance
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Claims assistance
  • Design and advice on insurance processes for subcontractors, and wording for subcontracts and purchase orders.

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9264646 While bonding and construction insurance are our core services, being totally immersed in the construction industry for as long as we have has given us a great deal of exposure and insight into other areas of a contractor’s business.

We share this experience with our clients by offering feedback and advice on a variety of construction and business related topics, including:

  • Construction Accounting
  • Contract Review
  • Bond and Insurance Claims
  • Banking Facilities
  • Tax Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Creditor-Proofing
  • Payment Assurance Strategies
  • Joint Ventures and P3
  • Lien Claims
  • Succession Planning
  • Legal / Contract Disputes
  • Construction Claims
We are pleased to refer you to our network of trusted outside business professionals who, like us, understand the construction business: lawyers, accountants, bankers, engineers, claims consultants, recruiters and others.